Know More About Cryotherapy

Most of us have already felt sprains, strains or bruises and all of those are painful. However, to ease and control the pain and heal it quickly, you could use ice or cold therapy which is also cold cryotherapy. These applications would help your body enhance the effects of treatment and could also be used by your patients at home. It is very important that you know how to apply cold therapy properly.

A response to the injury is inflammation and it is the physiological process which starts immediately after the injury. This serves as an isolation and immobilization of the injured area. Whenever an injury happens, might it be a strain, sprain or etc., here are the events that would be in motion.

There will be a vasoconstriction which means that the vessels will constrict. This happens immediately then shortly followed by vasodilation which means the vessels will dilate or expand. The increase in size and the permeability will also increase the blood flow to the area, which results to redness and warmth, leaking of the fluid or exudate from the capillaries, which results to swelling and pain.

Even if the inflammation might have a purpose, it could be very painful. This is where you can make use of cryotherapy which comes in handy as they are helping control the pain and the tissue that is being bruised and injured. For more details about cryotherapy, visit .

So, you might be wondering how the application of cryotherapy will affect an injury. If cold is applied, the sensation that you must be expecting to feel is cold, then burning, aching and numb. General rule for this is to leave the area of application until it is numb or for 10 minutes, depends on which comes first. This will have effects on the tissue which are slowing the metabolism down on the affected cells, cold will constrict the blood vessels and decrease the flow of blood, the fluid or exudate would be reduced on the area. This effect would be lasting up to 20 minutes after your removal of application. The pain would be decreasing because of reasons which are waste products being absorbed and cold has a numbing effect on the nerves.

You must not leave cold application on for a long time because the Hunting Response will be activated and this is to prevent damage to tissue because of prolonged cold.

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